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Pricing & Plans

We are an industry-leading company that values honesty, integrity, and efficiency. Building quality products and caring for the users is what made us stand out.

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What’s included in our SiteCare plans?

Rapid Resolution Assistance

Minor issues on your website shouldn’t require a drawn-out investigation and a charge for fixes. Sitecore's plans include up to 15 minutes of issue investigation at no cost. We can often resolve issues within that time frame.

  • Fix any Issues regarding Layout Make your Website Mobile Responsive
  • Fix Themes and Plugin Issues
  • Fix issues related to PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Fix internal server error Customize Theme & Plugins
  • Fix Login Issues
  • Fix WP not sending email issue
  • Fix WP RSS Feed errors
  • Fix 403 Forbidden error in WP
  • Fix WP white screen of death
  • Fix any Issues related to the Database 
  • Fix any Memory Errors
  • Fix any Redirection Issues
  • Admin white page
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Allowed Memory
  • PHP Fatal
  • Theme/Plugin Broken
  • Site Layout
  • Login Logout

WordPress Website Maintenance Made Easy!

We handle maintenance, while you focus on growing your business.

Ecommerce Expertise

Trust your online store’s maintenance and support needs to our expert development team so you can focus on growing your brand, products and sales.

Quality Assurance Testing

Review, test and sign off on all website changes on a staging server so your website is never at risk.

WordPress Updates

Our experienced WordPress team handles all WordPress core updates, so your site is always functional and secure.

Speed & Performance Optimization

We assess the impact of faulty plugins, poorly-written themes, oversized images, the quality of your web host, and the impact of third-party ad networks. Then we knuckle down to implement available best practices to get your site running like a well-oiled machine.

Never worry about your WordPress website again. Design, development, security, and updates. We do it all.

Account Management

Build a consistent relationship with a dedicated account manager, who knows you, your website, and your business and is just an email or call away to help with any requests, concerns, or issues.

Uptime Monitoring

Rest assured that the minute your site goes down, we will be the first to know — and respond! We’ll resolve any issues we find, and often before you are aware of them.

Site Restores

Need to roll back changes on your site or press the reset button after a security breach? We can easily restore a backup of your website in an instant and you’ll have your site back to the way it was in no time.

Automated Deployments

We take the friction out of change control to help keep your website running smoothly for you and your customers, even when changes are happening behind the scenes.

Developer on-call

Request iterative improvements and technical support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full- or part-time staff developer.

Emergency WordPress Help

With industry-best response and resolution times, our support team is ready to jump in and help you with any kind of website disaster.