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We are a reliable and affordable digital agency and talent anD talent network. We channel creativity, colors, copy and code to help our clients with a better branding.

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Seems like your quest to find the ideal web developers ends here. We are Maxkinon Developer Team—an award-winning agency building tailor-made web applications, web-tools and premium websites aligned with business needs, customer’s problems, your market and essentially—your budget.

We are Uncovering the Capabilities of Web Apps With Modern Technologies

Modern web applications now a days ought to provide a native-app-like user experience on the web. There is no room for slow load time and latency in the era of swift SPAs and PWAs. The richier and snappier your app is, the better edge you have in this competitive market. And as an expert web development company, Maxkinon Developer Tean provides web application development service that makes your web solutions superior. We are a team of professional developers and designers employing Agile and Scrum to build growth-driven web applications. Our web development forte includes developing SPAs, PWAs, enterprise portals, e-commerce portals, custom web applications, large-scale websites, web tools and SaaS solutions that fulfills your end-users as well as business needs. Statistically speaking – over the past 7 years, we have delivered 125+ projects to 68+ clients from 26 different countries and still counting!

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We Develop Solutions to Support Your Business

EMR Healthcare

We help medical practitioners to improve their efficiency and make a positive impact on patient’s health with our EMR and EHR solutions. Our solutions provide ease of collecting, managing and storing patient’s data such as medical history, medications, test results, health conditions and track them for better treatment. All these adhering to the HIPAA compliance that makes the storage and interoperability secure and safe. Apart from patient’s data, our solution facilitates streamline the documents, ease of communication and coordination, insurance details, simplified billing and appointment booking that saves your time and you can focus on seeing more patients.

Maxkinon Marketplace
Job Marketplace Maxkinon

Job Marketplace

Job Marketplace are in high demand ever since the rise of gig economy and demand for quality freelancers. So to meet this demand and allow swift collaboration between the parties we provide full-fledged custom Job Marketplace solutions just like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. Our job market portals aim to simplify the process by incorporating sophisticated features for every party – freelancers, clients and proprietary. To list down a few features that our solution comes with: Profile evaluation, payment gateways, commission and escrow system, admin panel, profile, gig creation, bidding, reviewing, analytics and more.

EdTech and eLearning Web Application

At Maxkinon Community we develop custom edTech and e-learning solutions that aim to improve the learning experience and enhance the pedagogy. We have helped startups, corporates, educational institutes and NGOs to develop turnkey solutions from scratch and customizing the popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Totara, Blackboard and Moodle according to the learning needs. Our solutions come with powerful integration and features such as course building, collaboration, assessment, contextual UI/UX, animations, gamification and more. We also adhere to the industry standards of Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), Experience API (xAPI) and Aviation Industry CBT (AICC) for an enriching and transformative learning solution.

EdTech and eLearning Maxkinon
Maxkinon Marketplace

Crowdfunding Web App

Crowdfunding platforms are the new paradigm in the business funding landscape. Whether it be a campaign, product, entire business or just an idea – it provides an opportunity to individuals/businesses to get funded – while the investor gets an opportunity to invest in the right place. Maxkinon Developer Community has helped its clients to disrupt the traditional systems with its range of crowdfunding solutions. We are proficient in building P2P, reward-based, donation-based, equity crowdfunding and industry-specific crowdfunding platforms. All these packed with features ranging from CRM, lender-borrower dashboards, custom third-party integration, e-signature, marketing tools and much more. Everything you needed to manage campaigns and streamline the investment cycle.

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