Create a food delivery app and website for your online food business

An end-to-end ordering and delivery platform for hyperlocal food and restaurant business. Automate order management, delivery dispatch, online marketing and more from a single platform.

Food Delivery Software for Online Food Ordering and Delivery Business

A ready-to-use hyperlocal ordering software to build food delivery apps and websites for every kind of food business.

  • Online Food Ordering

    Stop giving commissions and start accepting food orders on your own branded website Get end-to-end control over your food orders and deliveries Promote various discounts, loyalty points, etc. and maintain a strong online presence

  • Branded Website

    Launch your own website and reach out to a wider audience than just your current customers. Showcase your food with an attractive menu, impressive customer reviews and more.

  • Mobile App

    Launch a Customer App for your food business and allow your customers to reach out to you at any time. Also, manage your deliveries and agents with Yelo’s Agent App. Increase your number of transactions and improve customer relationships.

Key-functions of an online food ordering platform

  • Smart Food Delivery
  • Ensure on-time deliveries with the best delivery management software integration, Tookan
  • Navigate easily to multiple locations, track your agents in real-time, and more from one centralized view
  • Thus ensuring improvement in customer satisfaction and improved customer reviews
  • Delivery Dashboard

    Track all your orders, regardless of if they’re from different chains, while they’re being processed. Track field drivers in real-time with powerful geo-analytics tools for better workforce management.

  • Driver App

    Auto-assign delivery tasks to the closest and most free agent to reduce time and costs. Manage the delivery agent to make a doorstep delivery for every customer in the shortest time possible by using an optimized route.


Key-functions of an online food delivery platform

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